Weighing In the Pros and Cons In Render Quality

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I was looking at a project I made a while back and noticed the lack of realism. I decided to recreate the project with settings that take longer to render.  It’s Ideal for a frame to render in 10 to 30 seconds, but by bumping up the quality setting to take 2-3 minutes a frame, the outcome is night and day. Yet delivery time is compromised by doing so.  I found a company online that offers render farming services that would turn rendering times of 2-3 minutes down to seconds a frame. Instead of putting a hit on my CPU’s life I will be using these services and including them into the total cost from here on out.

Above is a sample of low quality settings compared to high quality settings.


Talking to JMo, the logo’s and intro owner and good friend, he pointed this out.

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This has been resolved now in the video below!

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