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MadmanGFX’s Betas & Free Cydia Repo

I’d like to proudly announce the launch of my free content repo! I’ve always wanted to have control on when to launch an update or launch an addon. This the reason I built my own repo: to push updates and patches faster to everyone!  Developers: send me a message if you would like me to host a free package for you.  Add this repo right now and get FREE STUFF!


ElegantXI [RELEASED] iOS Jailbreak Theme Electra

Hello Jailbreak Community! I’m an iOS theme designer looking for a little exposure. I started theming back in the modmyi days and I’m trying to make a comeback! If you think my theme is worth the notoriety, please RT for exposure. So this is my attempt to reach out to the big names in the jailbreak community that have inspired me over the years. YouTubers, send me your Packix ID so I can gift you the theme for a review! Thanks guys, talk to you soon! My Twitter DMs are always open.

ElegantXI can be found at the Packix Repo for only $3.00 (that’s less than a coffee)


ElegantXI (iPhone Jailbreak Theme)


(click on the images for a closer look)

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself | Motion Graphic Passion

First of all, I would like this post to serve as an introduction to who I am.

As a child, I remember taking my fathers VHS camcorder and creating still frame animations with action figures. The camera had this feature where it would allow you take a still frame and then play it back as if you were looking at a flipbook. Since then I knew that visual graphics were going to be a big part of my upbringing.

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