JadedFX (iPhone Jailbreak Theme)


3D Glyph Theme That’s Easy On the Eyes!


Theme Features:

  • 3D Rendered Icons
  • 220 Apps (Icon Requests Updated Weekly)
  • iPhone 6-Xs Ready
  • Settings Theme
  • Dock Theme

Widget Features:

  • Modular Clock Widgets For Both Lockscreen and SpringBoard
  • Analog or No Analog Clock Styles
  • Wallpaper Widget with 19 Wallpapers and Color Options
  • PLENTY of .Config Options For the Serious Modders
  • Requires Weather Widget 3.6 from newD’s Repo.  Add here: newD Repo
JadedFX Widget Demo:


  • Anemone
  • XEN HTML for widgets
  • iOS 9 – 12 iPhone Jailbreak
  • Boxy or MiDevice (optional for Springboard setup)






My website www.twist3dco.com

Do NOT trust piracy repos with your device, they are not Robin Hoods stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they are getting money through ad revenue on their repos and you run the risk of injecting malicious code that may steal vital information such as your credit card or worse… My no means does posting paid content make the artist rich, but does keep artists and developers around and in the end, that’s what makes jailbreaking worth it. Thank You for your support. Find me on Twitter @Twist3dCo

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