Let It Snow (Widget)

Let It Snow by MadmanGFX

Animated Widget

Turn your iPhone into a snow globe!

XenHTML Widgets


5 options: (change in XEN HTML Config)

  1. Just Snow
  2. Snow and Santa
  3. Snow and BG
  4. Snow/Santa and BG
  5. Still (No animation in attempt to save battery)


My website www.twist3dco.com

Do NOT trust piracy repos with your device, they are not Robin Hoods stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they are getting money through ad revenue on their repos and you run the risk of injecting malicious code that may steal vital information such as your credit card or worse… My no means does posting paid content make the artist rich, but does keep artists and developers around and in the end, that’s what makes jailbreaking worth it. Thank You for your support. Find me on Twitter @Twist3dCo

Disclaimer: May be slower on older devices, this is a BETA. To be used at your own risk. Even though I expect nothing to be wrong with this package, by downloading and installing, MadmanGFX may not be responsible for any damage done to your device.

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